At Humanize Consulting, we are a team of skilled individuals, united by a shared passion to educate and engage on topics of inclusion and equity. We are inspired by activists and leaders working for a more equitable world.

Our motto is always be learning, and we strive to share that knowledge in accessible and impactful ways.

What we do

Through the delivery of interactive workshops and presentations, we help you on your journey to creating workplaces that are more inclusive for all marginalized groups.

We want to help you build an environment that is welcoming for marginalized groups, and that not only attracts more diverse talent, but has happier employees that stay longer, are more creative and have higher engagement.


We offer interactive group workshops that are designed to educate and motivate your team. We provide strategies and tools for you to create a more diverse, equitable and welcoming workplace.

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We run semi-regular by-donation webinars, where we donate a portion of the proceeds to local grassroots organizations. Sign up to our mailing list to keep in touch about what is coming up!

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