show 3 theme graphics

Artshow Chicago – Show 3

Working with the Artshow creative team we designed the brand identity for the third show of 2017. The theme was feminism and the event brought together local artists to explore the subject and help local charities. For this event we designed posters, social media posts, a website, stickers, interactive activations in the event and programs with all the art information.

Digital fliers for show 3Digital fliers for show 3
Show 3 Poster

Besides printed flyers and posters around the city in key areas where we found local artist live, we used social media to create buzz for our event. The social media posts were created to promote not only the event but to promote smaller events before the show, to find local artists looking to exhibit their work and to find performers for the show.

Promotional posters show 3
Social media content for show 3Social media content for show 3Social media content for show 3Event activation signsShow programshow program spread