Belgioioso campaign

BelGioioso Campaign


Luisa Martinez Art Director 
Dominique Pasqua Copywriter

BelGioioso’s Parmesan cheese won the World Championship Cheese Contest, for this reason we created a campaign celebrating its award-winning flavor. The campaign’s tagline is: Make a great pairing, it will focus on repositioning Parmesan cheese as more than just a topping for recipes. This campaign will show Parmesan as the main ingredient in bold combinations Our target audience is upper and upper-middle class foodies, who look for interesting and new recipes to share with their friends. We will challenge our audience to experience cheese in a new and exciting way. The campaign will start with a print ad in Food and Wine magazine.

Belgioioso print adBelgioioso half page print ad
Belgioioso postcard

Following the full page print ad there would be a series of half-page ads that could be ripped-out of the magazine featuring pairings created by readers. On the back of the suggested pairings there is a call to action fo go to the Belgioioso Facebook page and submit other foodie recipes. The favorite recipes will then be displayed in the Belgioioso website.

A direct mail piece would be sent out with a new combination, and people will have the chance to subscribe to receive more cards with flavor combinations every month. If they subscribe they will receive a branded wood base where they can keep all the recipes and it will serve as a brand reminder in their kitchen.

Belgioioso direct mailBelgioioso couponBelgioioso web mockupBelgioioso web mockup

This campaign creates a community of cheese lovers sharing new combinations monthly. This ad also includes cross-promotional opportunities with our other award-winning pairings like Goose Island beers it includes a code to get a discount online.

Continuing the cross-promotion this coupon will be place on the products at the store. Both on the BelGioioso cheese, as well as, the featured award-winning pairings. If they are purchased together there will be a discount.