Maravillosos – Nuria Saba

Client: Nuria Saba

Role: Designer & Art Director

Branding for the song
Print materials for promotional kits
Digital content for social media
Lyric video

Manuela Alcala – Video Editor

Peruvian singer-songwriter Nuria Saba tasked me with creating the look and feel of her new release Maravillosos. As well as animating a lyric video for the song.

She asked for visuals that were minimalistic and that transmitted the nostalgic feel of the song.

Having never used After Effects before I learned about the software in order to create the video.

maravillosos cover, black background with light pink font and a one line illustration of a heart

Nuria's work is characterized by lyrics full of visual metaphors and imagery, the aim of this project was to represent her vision for the song visually. Using a minimalist one line style we collaborated to visualize her lyrics. Building a story that forms as the images her lyrics create in our mind.

Our goal was to explore the complexity of human emotions through simple and minimalistic visuals.

instagram screenshots of posts