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Vespa was designed with the purpose of fixing everything that was wrong with motorcycles, making it remain a relevant mode of travel through the years thanks to the incorporation of technology, while maintaining the design that made it iconic.


Vespa offers consumers classic Italian design in a motorcycle crafted to fit them and their needs.

quarter page print adsquarter page print adsquarter page print adsquarter page print adsquarter page print adsquarter page print ads
quarter page print ads

3 sets of 4 quarter page ads that will appear in consecutive pages in the lower right corner of the magazine. Main message: Vespa revolutionized motorcycle design and keeps evolving to fulfill consumer needs through the decades. Call to action is to visit website.

Transit interactive ads: Touch screen interactive installations where people can see different models and customize vespas then pose for a photo. Have to visit the website to download image. Links to post on social media would be there. Main message: Not only has Vespa been designed to fit people, you can find one that fits you perfectly. Call to action is to visit website.

Interactive vespa transit ad
quarter page print adsquarter page print ads

Booth at a music festival: The booth would have Vespa merchandise and would offer rides to the different stages. Product trial, the consumers get to experience Vespa. Main message: Experience first hand how Vespa Revolutionized transportation. Street Banners located in streets leading to the music festival. Shows progression of vespa design as people drive by. In neighborhood where the Vespa movie night is happening in the blocks around the theater and around the music festival. Main message: Vespa continues to revolutionize motorcycle design through the decades.