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Way Better Snacks has created the ultimate snack, crafted to turn corn chips into a nutritious, healthy alternative.


Way better snacks offers consumers healthier and more nutritious snacks made with the highest quality ingredients taken through a sprouting process to unlock all their nutritional values.

Way Better Snacks print adWay Better Snacks print ad
Way Better Snacks out of home

Outdoor - In store:
Vertical garden installations will serve as the out-of-home elements of the campaign.

Direct Mail:
The direct mail piece will be a box that contains several pieces. First a brochure telling the story of how the product is made. It has a coupon and finally a sprouting kit. Since the theme is taste the sprouted difference this direct mail piece will show consumers the process and it gives them a nice brand reminder they can keep in their homes as small jar garden.

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Partnership with schools:

Way Better will partner with schools to create an educational program. Way Better helps them make healthy snacks and a vertical gardens for the school. At the end of the program there is a school event where parents get to see the work, learn about Way Better and receive healthy snack ideas. This puts the brand in the minds of both the children and the parents and involves them in their story. A Way Better bending machine will be installed in the participating schools.